About me!

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Who am I?

Science & Technology has played an important role in shaping human civilization as it is today and Arts has helped people unveil their creativity and wings. These two are always considered as two different ends of the spectrum but for me, they are very closely related. I am an Aerospace Engineer turned Author. Having written two self-help books namely “How to unleash your true potential” and “Finding the Magic in You”, my interest in writing solely comes from my love for science and logical reasoning. Having worked with various institutions, thousands of people and organizations until now, my vision is to help people find the “Why” of their life. I am also a certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and I help people/organizations unleash their better selves through a better understanding of their emotions.

I am an alumnus of MIT Manipal and BIT Mesra having pursued my Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering and Masters in Aerospace Engineering from the respective colleges.

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