Who are you?

 Let’s just say I am just another human like everyone else. I do most of the things that everyone does, we do have a lot in common. But there is one thing I specialise in, “Thinking”. I think and I help people think through my work. I have personally trained a lot of people to think for themselves and make wise decisions in their life.

Anyway, to answer your question, I am Shivam (no marks for guessing), I was born in a small town Patna, India and went on to pursue my Bachelor’s in Aeronautical Engineering from MIT Manipal, Masters in Aerospace Engineering from BIT Mesra.  I went on to write two best selling self help books
“How to unleash your true potential” and “Finding the Magic in You”. 

My passion for writing and helping people lead better lives became my stepping stone as a speaker and a personal coach. Today, I travel to different cities and personally coach various individuals across the globe to help them unleash their true potential and lead a happy satisfying life.

Is now your second name?

I am glad you asked (Or Did you?). And no, Now isn’t my second name. In fact, I don’t have a second name. Why? Because, quite often our second name is associated with our ethnicity, caste and religion, none of the ideas I support or promote. I am Shivam, the human. Let’s just keep it that way.

How did you start writing?

When it comes to seeking inspiration, people visit a lot of places, temples, Church, Mosques or even Gurus. And why not? We all are confused, we still wonder about finding the “purpose to our lives” and most of us are still confused about what we are born to do. Like every youth, I had the same queries and I too was looking for answers which might lead me to my destination.
Although it would sound quite shocking, my journey towards being an inspirational writer started with being an atheist. Throughout my childhood years, I had always been a curious kid who would spend most of his time thinking about whys and hows. This habit followed me to my college days where meeting like-minded people and discussing a variety of random issues started to push me towards the big question, “Is there really any God?”
I would be lying if I said my transformation was sudden. On the contrary, it took me months to ask those important questions and doubt the existence of any grand entity. Finally, when I found myself there, it for sure looked like I had been standing on a deserted island where there was no else to help me. This was the point where it clicked me, “ If I need to be at a safe place, I must be my rescuer” and this is where my transition to being a writer developed its root.
I started talking to a lot of people about life, its purpose and the meaning of our existence. And whenever I used to talk about this topic, the inner child me would take over and sprout thousands of ideas and questions. At this point, I had a lot of information to share but I didn’t yet know how to present them well. I took writing as a hobby to give words to my thought and began writing for various blogs. Writing about philosophy and motivation was one of them. I started writing more of those, gained some really good followers, had the chance to interact with many and talk to them about their problems. This was when I decided to publish “How to unleash your true potential” which would help me cater a lot of people. Even at this stage, I cannot say I know it all. I am still learning and continue to do so, walking hand in hand with everyone.

What is your book about?

My first book “How to unleash your true potential” is about discovering the mentor inside ourselves that we often search outside. It’s about unleashing a new version of “You” through psychologically understanding yourself and working on to develop yourself.

My second book “Finding the Magic in You” is about discovering the magic inside ourselves that we lost while growing up. It’s about finding that spark again in our lives to work on our dreams and rebuild our hopes.

How can I contact you?

You can either book a session with me or reach me at contact@shivamnow.com

You can also find me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pintrest @shivamnow

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