Emotional Intelligence Counsellor and Coach

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What people have to say about it:

I had an amazing one hour talk with Shivam at a very crucial phase of my life. And after an hour, the results were totally miraculous. He is open hearted, kind person and helps you see the light, wisdom in your life- Neha Rani

I visited Shivam’s website after reading his first book “How to unleash your true potential”. When I got to know that he helps people become emotionally intelligent, I immediately signed up for it. I have done 4 sessions with him till now and his in-depth knowledge and understanding have helped me so much in my personal life. He is a great mentor- Mansi

I had never heard of the word “emotional intelligence” before and I never thought it would be so much help to me. After taking just two sessions with Shivam, I have begun to understand my past and I have finally accepted what I could not for the past so many years. Thank You, Shivam!- Rahul


Neha, Mansi, and Rani are few of the many people I have counseled and coached over the years and the results for each one of them have been very promising. Before you get too jumbled up about what emotional intelligence is and if you need it or not, let me tell you some interesting facts!


Most of the choices you make in life are linked to your childhood conditioning.

The partner you choose, the sports you play and the habits you develop are all linked to it.

Your emotions are always linked to your memories.

If you find yourself making the same mistakes over and over again, Being Emotionally Intelligent can save you a lot of trouble.


What can help?

A better understanding of your self, your emotions, your conditioning and then working on it mindfully to build a beautiful future.


Hi! My name is Shivam, I am the author of two best selling self-help books, an emotional intelligence practitioner and an avid speaker.

I have conducted countless workshops, coached and counseled a lot of individuals and helped them use their emotions intelligently.


Book a personal session with me over Skype/Call/in-person to

  1. Understand the neural patterns of your brain
  2. Accept and Embrace your past to build a better future
  3. Be mindful of everything you do
  4. Get rid of overthinking
  5. Get rid of bad habits
  6. be more emotionally intelligent.

To book a counseling/coaching session with me, Drop me a Whatsapp Message on +91-7992474341 or e-mail to shivamkmr7@gmail.com