Joker 2019 Movie Review

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“I used to think my life was a tragedy. But now, I realize it’s comedy”.

I happened to see “Joker” recently and this is going to be one of the most iconic movies of all time because of its acting, because of its direction and because it actually made people fall in love with the “Joker”.

And I have the most utmost respect for the director for the latter part. It’s not easy to help people understand the way people change, the people act and how much of it is related to what we see, what we learn and what we observe.

It all starts with a common man struggling to find his place in society, unable to understand what he wants and what the world wants from him. I won’t talk about what happens after it, I believe watching the movie would do better justice to it.

However, I want to talk about another important thing, understanding the mind. What does it take to know what we are going through? What does it take to understand ourselves?

It’s all about decoding, understanding the patterns of your brain. For example, Did you know that your Amygdala hijacks your brain when you are in a situation of fight or flight? It means that your brain loses the ability to make a rational decision when you are stressed or extremely overwhelmed for a few seconds, and this is when you make an impulsive emotional reaction. So, When you impulsively get angry, or sad the next time, always remember it’s your brain that is doing that. Understanding this simple concept can help you make much better decisions in your life.

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