When you meet someone new the next time, don’t ask them the basic questions, “Who are you?” “Where do you work”? “Where do you

When you meet someone new the next time, don’t ask them the basic questions, “Who are you?” “Where do you work”? “Where do you live?”. Ask them “What’s your story” instead.


Because where they are from and what they do would only tell you a few things about their life, some things which are close to constant. But if you really want to know them well, their story would be the entire narrative of their life, their past, their present and their future. And that is explainable enough to show how they see their lives and how they see everyone else. The story involves everything right from struggles to emotions to desires and that’s one fine of connecting with people.

Because stature doesn’t define people, stories do!

There are a few things which cannot be changed.  Your stature is just that, it’s just a label based on some external standards and measures and they aren’t very expressive of how you have defined your life. A story, on the other hand, does just that. A story is fun, exciting and most importantly, it has a life.

And I particularly believe that every story is inspiring. Because life is never a straight road for anyone, it always its curves and we all enjoy the roller coaster in our own ways. Listening to someone’s story, listening to someone’s way of tackling their problems can only inspire us to find our source of light even in the darkest of days.

Life is nothing but a series of stories!

Every moment is a story and all of these moments combined together makes our life. Hence, we should never focus on improving our life or building a better life for ourselves. All we need to do is focus on is living every moment and making the most out of it. Live your life one moment at a time and build your story on it. And if you feel demotivated at times, look around people, look at people, look at stories building every second and try to understand the framework and try to appreciate everything that’s building it. The real inspiration lies among people and understanding their story makes it even easier to appreciate their life and your journey as well.

So, Look for stories wherever you go. Sometimes, you don’t even have to ask them for it. Sometimes, all you need to do is look. Just look at stories building up, there could be many around you right now. Like this picture of a father and his kid seeing “magic”.

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