We don’t need no education!

After reading these famous lyrics with a double negative, you might think that we need education after all. Although, on a serious note, Have you ever considered the notion that our education system is highly flawed and it hardly does one any good. Even the most important of things you read in primary and secondary school can be found on Wikipedia and is more understandable than any of the teachers. Most of the scientific principles and theories you read could be understood even better by YouTube videos. And recent studies states that in around 100 years, half of the household or industrial would be done by robots.

And we are still stuck here trying to go through the same curriculum that our grandfathers went through.

But let’s not try to discredit the entire system. Let’s just assume we need teachers to study science, maths and several other subjects. But don’t you think it’s a cliche at this point to say that the most important things you learn in life you don’t learn in school?

And if you think these things can’t be school, these are better off learned by experience, I would ask, Why not? If we can spend  a year trying to learn about that painting and several wars which are never going us to do any good, why can’t we actually teach stuff that actually matters?



Here are some things that I think should be taught in school, but isn’t:



Yeah, we were taught simple interest and compound interest in school, but that was it. Why can’t they teach us how to do taxes and about how real life works. The world literally runs on credit and debit cards today.

If we are taught about personal finance and if we are taught how to take a good personal financial decision, we wouldn’t meet so many people getting bankrupt and without any future plans. The financial illiteracy is a big problem because it’s a common sight to see people investing without any plans or motive, retiring without any savings, getting super sick and not being able to afford any kind of treatment. We need to get above that.


We could certainly have different opinions on this, but I personally think relationships is the most important thing we need to include in the curriculum. With breakups, divorce rates and related crimes skyrocketing, it is for sure that we are not giving kids the correct education about relationships. Communicating your feelings without blaming or judging each other, how to be understandable in a relationship, honest discussions about sexuality and its correlation to love are some things that are begging to find a place in the education system.

You might think it’s totally crazy to teach students this and it would be basically promoting a culture that gives space to such acts.

Let’s get this fact straight. Kids are going to find sex fascinating. It would either be with your consent or behind your back. Your upbringing will only decide which path they choose.

As humans, we are fundamentally social animals, and as we are not living in a vacuum, we need to develop social bonds. Understanding more about a healthy relationship can help us nurture every kind of our relationships.


Tanya is older than Eric.
Cliff is older than Tanya.
Eric is older than Cliff.
If the first two statements are true, then the third statement is? True or False?

After some effort, you would eventually come up with the answer, False. But why are we only forced to solve these kinds of problems only for competitions and exams?

If you are wondering about its implications, there are many. We make logical fallacies all the time. We are in the bad habit of making screwed up decisions for us, be it health-wise, personal or political. If our brain is usually fed with logical problem-solving abilities, we would be living a happier life and make fewer mistakes.

These logical fallacies then infiltrate our lives by causing us to make dumb decisions.  We make dumb decisions about our health, our relationships, our career, pretty much everything and then it builds on us, making us question our reality and feel remorse about it. Making a healthy habit of feeding our brains to make more logical decisions can create an amazing impact on our lives.


I really can’t understand why we are never taught anything about philosophy or psychology in schools or even college until we choose to do so. The current education system and society ideals teach us to rely on one set of facts and principles. That has habituated us to always think as correct and discredit everything that we cannot think.

Everything we believe is most likely wrong in some other perspective, our memories are completely unreliable and the reality is most likely to be different for every other individual.

It is quite easy to speculate that almost good thing in life comes from uncertainty or a state of not knowing. Uncertainty is what drives you to become curious, to learn, to test new ideas, to communicate your intentions to others. It’s what keeps you humble. It helps you accept whatever comes along. It allows you to see others without unfair judgments and biases.

Study of philosophy can make us aware of where we really stand. Our ability to absorb almost everything comes with an openness of mind and that can only come with a deep philosophical study.


You might be wondering, how can an education system teach us what self-awareness is? But seriously, it can be taught and practiced like anything else.

Self-awareness is the ability to think about how you think. It’s the ability to know more about your feelings. It’s the idea to have opinions about your opinions.

A high degree of self-awareness has been found in research to benefit, well, just about everything. People who develop meta-cognition skills are better planners, more disciplined, more focused, more attuned to their emotions, better decision-makers, and better able to foresee potential problems ahead.

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