For some, it’s alcohol, for some, it’s smoking, for some, it’s sex, for some, it’s killing, for some, it’s hate, and for same, it’s love. I feel it would be right for me to say that we are all addicted to one thing or the other.
But why do we get addicted?
Addiction is merely a distraction from the life we are living in. When our dreams are bigger than reality and we can do nothing to bridge the gap between them, we choose an alternative path to deviate ourselves. This distraction is quite soothing at first. It makes us forget everything that’s real since we begin to find solace in our addictions, it makes us feel as if it was the only thing needed in life to get away from dismay reality. This makes us repeat that act over and over again and we find ourselves stuck inside without any way out.
We feel as if this addiction gave us home when we were lost when we were roaming without any direction. Some drink to forget the reality, some smoke, some engage in sexual activities, some go on a killing spree and some merely think. “What’s the harm in thinking?”, you must say.
The truth is thinking here is as dangerous as anything else. We think, overthink and overcompensate to build a reality in our thoughts that never ever existed. We build a story in our dreams which is way different from reality and we get stuck in it. We think over and over again just to make ourselves feel better, just to part ways with the “real” reality.
We begin to make room in ourselves, for our happiness, for our sorrow, for our confusion, for our doubts. We stop looking outwards because we feel we are safe here, we stop looking for the way out because we think we would be lost again in the real world full of miseries and sadness.
But is it the right path to choose?
Absolutely not! Addiction is chosen when we are too tired of reality and we want our own version of it. And the only way we can correct it is by acceptance. Bring acceptance into your life. I understand life hasn’t been very fair to you, you have been through a lot but by choosing addiction, you are giving life more ways to be unfair to you. This is the thing we need to understand. When you choose to accept reality the way it is, you wouldn’t have to create an illusioned version of it. Instead of choosing addiction, choose to give yourself time. It’s okay to feel sad about it, it’s okay to cry your tears out. Do that till you reach the point of acceptance where you are okay with reality the way it is.
And if you are already stuck in addiction, look for the way out. Understand that addiction is merely a way to ignore the reality and you can find the light when you choose to. When you choose to address the issue that has been bothering you, you would eventually find your way out. Again, take your time through this. It’s a slow process but move, move ahead, move out for your own good, for everyone who loves you, and for everyone who cares for you.
Talk to people around, seek help if needed. Any problem can be solved if you choose to address it and you are just one step away from a completely different healthy life. You deserve to be happy and healthy.
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