Are you looking for hope? Is it nowhere to be found? Lost in the swirl of darkness and abyss of hopelessness, you feel lost. It’s okay.

Don’t try too hard or the darkness may consume you. Stay still and stay calm. Accept that you are lost and accept that you need a source of light and hope to follow. I agree there is darkness all around but you have to keep walking in your direction with utter calm and confidence. I understand that you feel stuck here and you have lost all hopes of making it out of here. But hold on. After every night, comes a day. It’s not over yet. It’s not over until you decide it for yourself. It’s your life and you get to decide how it’s going to be. You might not see what’s coming next but always remember you are going to make it out.

If you can’t think of anything, just let that thought go, to control your thoughts or to govern it. Just focus on your breath, going in and coming out. Focus on its movement and focus on it going fast and slow. When you begin to focus on your breath, you would feel that sense of calm inside yourself. Let that come to you.

When you are calm, your mind will automatically start functioning normally and looking for solutions you wouldn’t have found otherwise. Just wait for it. Keep walking until you start to see the light. You can see it now. The source of light keeps getting stronger and stronger as you approach it. You have found the hope you have been looking for, you have found the purpose of your journey. It has started to make sense. Maybe, you failed because you had to be here. Maybe, you were confused before only to be held here.

This moment is pure bliss, pure satisfaction. You would feel complete. But don’t take it for the final destination. Because life has a lot more to offer you. Life only broadcasts itself through uncertainties and that’s how beautiful it is. Don’t try to find your way into the future through your expectations, it would always deceive you. Let life move and its pace and understand life through its way. Don’t hurry. Don’t panic. Life reveals itself in its own amazing way and we must be ready to accept it at all costs.

It’s a puzzle where you keep searching for the light and that’s what makes it exciting. Let’s enjoy it as a game. Nothing will harm you if you don’t let it. You are powerful, you are strong. And you would find the light all over again.

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