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In the case of a rear end, the noise can be a humming sound, a growl, or even a knock. $0.00Leaking pinion seal One of the biggest signs your pinion seal is failing is it is leaking. Differential has low fluid If you notice your differential has low fluid, chances are it is leaking from the pinion seal. Whining noise 1st.Anyone have an idea of how long i have before i destroy the whole diff? As long as it is making noise, the pinion is MOVING in relationship to the ring gear, causing adverse wear patterns on both, further reducing the lifespan on both. Diagnosing clunking or whining noise with vibrations from the rear of your car is easy if it is front-wheel drive. 2nd.

Install front pinion bearing cup with Installer D-130 (1) and Handle C-4171 (2) (Fig. manual w/ a few bolt-ons. Replacing this bearing may solve your loud drive train issue. It needs to be opened up to diagnose. So I had the same issue, slow leak out of the pinion seal on the rear end. Very deep pitch. Improper gear spacing will lead to wear and damage to your gear set. It will often make a howling noise instead of a whirring sound. And the noise might change when the vehicle turns. Jul 31, 2010. The noise started with any movement at all. Let off gas stops put in N stops Rearend assy has about 300mi on it. A failing differential [both front and rear] will make a whirring noise, whining noise, howling noise, and humming noise. A quick follow up on this, I've gone about 2000 miles so far on the new axle and axle seal and pinion seal. The classic sounds of a bad wheel bearing are cyclic chirping, squealing and/or growling noise. You can also tell that the sound is related to wheel bearings if it changes in proportion to vehicle speed. The sound can get worse with every turn, or it can disappear momentarily. How do I know if my rear axle bearings are bad? The main indicators of a rear axle bearing failure are Herd a slight noise coming from the rear end. Had to do a complete teardown and replaced axle bearings too. Get a stethoscope or an extension and the other side in your ear and put it by the front pinion bearing, side differential (carrier bearings) and Cause: Worn pinion bearings Noise: Banging or clunking while making a turn, backing up, or rapid deceleration (like on a freeway off-ramp). Under normal use and maintenance, pinion bearings can last a very long time. My 84 Suburban, which spent most of its life towing, just had a rear pinion bearing go bad at 187K miles. Installation. Install gripping pliers to the seal flange and strike with a hammer until the rear axle drive pinion seal is removed. Noise from rear of the car?

Use Premium Long-Life Grease XG-1-C or equivalent meeting Ford specification ESA-M1C75-B. I used SDK seals and bearing and the cheapest new axle I could find a DANA SVL one for about $60.00 from Rock Auto. Take your time. No leaks or issues so far. This will highly depend on the condition of the bearing. Checked so far: *Unhooked front driveshaft, still same symptoms. Luckily, wheel bearings go awry sooner than the rear differential. Somewhat convinced my issue is rear bearings At about 60 mph hear a noise/slight vibration like Im driving over a rumble strip.or real rough asphalt. Also, any shims that you might find under the rear pinion bearing must be put back in, under the new pinion bearing. The loudest bearing I can hear is the front pinion bearing in the rear, but then the casing is thinnest there compared to how close I can get the stethoscope to the rest of the bearings in the rear end. 4. i am leaning towards the outer wheel The noise makers were the pinion bearing and the drivers side axle bearing. Possible Cause #2: Worn carrier or pinion bearings can create excessive play between the gears and produce an uneven wear pattern or chipping teeth. It steadily got worse. Search: Wheel Bearing Or Differential Noise. 08 Tacoma 4x4. Also, in some cases, a bad bearing may make a high-pitched grinding or squealing sound.

To give a guy a hand. Turns out the leaky seal was a symptom, and replacing it was just a band aid. And if there's a bad wear pattern established on those gears, they'll never be quiet. Those were the ones that generally didn't make noise. Lubricate the new pinion seal. Possible Cause #3: Incorrect backlash can lead to damaged gear teeth. How to diagnose rear end noise Tools youll need: Car lift; Car diagnostic stethoscope; Chassis ears (optional) That was 2 weeks ago. I did add a TRD diff last winter, and I am hoping the noise isnt coming from the pinion bearing. The bearing can be bad and not have play in it. Pic 8 2. Noise which changes under/off load is usually driveline. I have a strange problem. Vibes and noise increase as speed increases, but strongly reduce once desired speed is reached (only reoccurring as gas is applied to maintain speed). I replaced the seal and the leak went away, 2 months later the whine showed up. my driveshaft u-joint is good. i drained and replaced the gear oil with proper LSD additive- no change. Although any noise is bad, the noise does help i've got probably the exact same noise. Actually, I had the entire rear-end rebuilt since everything was apart, but it was the pinion bearing that had gone bad. Pic 9 3. Drain the rear diff to look for metal shavings. Noise: Howl without whir or rumble while accelerating at any speed (gears previously quiet) Cause: Worn gear set due to lack of lubrication or overloading If its under deceleration then its the front pinion bearing. Final Words. It's also a good possibility that he got the pinion nut too tight when he replaced the crush sleeve, IF he replaced it. Mar 4, 2014. So over the weekend i replaced the transfercase input shaft seal and the rear pinion seal. You have to pull the carrier and pinion gear out to get the crush sleeve out. *Rebalanced rear driveshaft with new cardon joint and ujoints. The rear differential drive pinion bearing, in LR2 models between 2008 and 2011, is known to deteriorate, causing an excessively loud humming or whining noise. Hitch and wiring, aux back-up light, rear strobe lights, radio and underseat sub. Noise: Howl with whir or rumble while accelerating at any speed (gears previously quiet) Cause: Worn rear pinion bearing or worn gear set. The pinion shim on factory installed gears has been pretty constant at .028-.30, and side shims have been commonly .265-.270. The gear marking compound works very well if you mix a few drops of gear oil with it. Rear Wheel Bearings Step 1 Remove rear wheel hub and bearings Nuts & Bearings Axle nuts (Ford XW4Z-4B477-AA): $21 They allow your wheels to turn freely over thousands of miles by cushioning the contact If it has, the particles act abrasively to wear away the very connection the bearings are designed to protect, and the 63). This is a discussion on Noise from rear of the car?Axle pinion bearing maybe? Test Drive The best way to diagnose bearing noise in your Wrangler is to take it for a drive. Jack and Wiggle With your Wrangler on jack stands, youll want to look and see if the wheel is wiggling at the bearing. Put the rear end on a jack stands or a hoist and put in drive so the rear end is rotating. The symptoms: - Whining from the rear based directly on speed. Oct 30, 2008. Youll be looking to hear the hum increase as the speed picks up. If it is a 4-wheel drive or an all-wheel drive, the rear differential and drive mechanism curveball the complexity.

In either case, the frequency of the sound will correspond to the rotation of the tires. Last edited: Mar 4, 2014. If you set the pinion bearing preload between 19 and 22 inch pounds you can install an axle and turn the ring gear against the pinion to get accurate markings. Most people describe a bad wheel bearing as making a growling or rumbling noise (the sound is often mistaken for worn tires). 62). Lots of large chips or flakes are cause for alarm. These noises will gradually change during acceleration, deceleration, or when turning around the corner. For those that have replaced the rear wheel bearings - what kind of noise did you hear, and was it only at a certain speed or condition? 1. Apply Mopar Door Ease or equivalent lubricant to outside surface of pinion bearing cups. To reiterate, in terms of how long can I drive with pinion bearing noise it can be ten days or ten years. It turned out to be the outer pinion bearing. Just had the rear pinion bearing replaced in my truck. It may have scored the surface of the rollers just enough to *New Atlas has roughly 300 miles on it, full of fluid and no leaks. thought it might have been the cracked parking btake shoes- replaced but no change. Thanks, Al . He may have just loctited the crap out of the nut and crossed his fingers. Install rear pinion bearing cup with Installer C-4308 (1) and Handle C-4171 (2) (Fig. This is because they turn much faster than the carrier assembly and bearings.

The pinion bearing was failing. A whirring noise when decelerating May be caused by loose or bad bearings in the pinion gear or ring gear. I used gasket shellac around the edges of both seals and waited a day before refilling with oil. #3. on my 40 it was slop in the pinion, you could move it around back and forth up and down with your hand. 07 GT premium in Grabber Orange. The rear differential was making a terrible rubbing noise, very similar to what a really bad wheel bearing sounds like. Check for worn bearings and replace as necessary. Setting preload, backlash, pinion depth and all that. Force up on the metal flange of the rear axle drive pinion seal. I marked the pinion nut and my buddy counted the threads. What are the symptoms to a bad pinion bearing?CheeeeH. Old 230,000+ Horse. NickPohlAandP. I like boobs!!! Nitmare67. Usually bad carrier or pinion bearings will growl or rumble at constant cruising speed or when your just coasting at freeway speed.Magna. Plus that on cheap bearings.I rebuilt my entire 8.8 on my F-150. bulloch27. Magna. bulloch27. Magna. bulloch27. limited. More items Generally when the carrier bearings go bad they will make the noise regardless of acceleration or not. Whrring and rumbling sounds at 20 Mph speed basically indicate that the bearings are worn a bit.

i jacked up rear, pulled wheels and turned pinion, hear noise. Don't skip any steps. Axle pinion bearing maybe? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hello all you helpful folks! 5spd. These are also referred to as cornering gears. Pinion bearings that are worn out and need replacing tend to make a whirring sound more than a rumbling sound. I can usually hit the pinion depth within .001 or .002 on the second try. Noise while turning is usually wheel bearings. True, unless it is a bad pinion bearing and not the gears causing the noise. You may also trace this noise to a loose pinion-bearing preload. It has to be the wheel bearings or braking system.

Noise gets worse in warmer weather If the tires seem alright, then check the hub bearings or rear wheel bearings. Anyone in the san diego area have experience with rebuilding a rear diff. Once a bearing reaches a certain point of wear, it moves into the failure stage. i have no lateral play in the pinion/pinion bearing. In general, the noisy factory gears were the ones that were on the tight end on backlash (.08-.10).

Some vehicles have sealed hub bearings on all wheels, others may have tapered wheel bearings on the rear and hub bearings on the front. Noise when cornering May be caused by broken spider gears. Think a pinion or carrier bearing is going. Like everywhere I have read, it would cost roughly $6000.00 to get a new one installed from Mercedes along with returning the From the cab, it sounds like it is coming from the rear of the truck but sound can travel- especially in places like the underside of the bed. Cause: Loose pinion bearing preload. 1. This kit includes the pinion bearing and necessary seals and o-rings to complete the job.